Local Government Basic Healthcare Partnership Initiative
PDI primary healthcare partnership initiative with Local Government authorities is rapidly gaining momentum. Very quickly it has become a very viable channel for breathing fresh life into non-viable Primary HealthCare Centres healthcare projects of local governments.
Far from a mere “lip-service” approach, we deliver tangible, valuable, and verifiable healthcare impact in the lives of your local government citizens, your existing Primary Healthcare Team, as well as raise overall healthcare awareness in the community.
State and Senatorial District Initiative
PDI primary healthcare initiative is also being implemented at senatorial district levels adopted by Senators as district projects, as well as adopted at state level as state project.
Deliverables And Benefits
We are thorough, transparent and uphold high levels of integrity.
Verifiable Reporting
A major way we guarantee value for our partners (local government leaders, Senators or state governments) is in the fact that we deliver detail and verifiable reporting, ward-by-ward.
We feed you back with pictures and video reports with dates, ward venue, number of patients, diagnosis, treatments, referrals for further investigations, etc, ward by ward
Our Team
Our team, made up of highly experienced medical doctors, nurses and other medical professionals organize medical outreaches (ward by ward) across your local government, district or state as the case may be.
Below is an idea of the impact of our Primary Healthcare Outreach on the lives of members of your local govt, district or state:

  • One-on-one consultation with our medical doctors – a good chance of detecting early signs of life-threatening risks such as stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, liver disease, etc
  • One-on-one with our experienced nurses – for minor issues
  • Diabetes screening – early detection of pre-diabetes (top priority), diabetes treatment referral, diabetes lifestyle plan, sexual health and reproduction etc
  • Blood pressure screening – we save thousands of lives every year with people living (unawares) with life threatening blood pressure readings
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) estimation – lifestyle-plan changes introduced including physical culture and physiotherapy
  • Cholesterol screening – prescriptions/recommended lifestyle changes
  • Malaria and Typhoid tests – invaluable
  • Nutritional and Dietary counseling – very important
  • Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screening – for men only
  • Cervical/Breast cancer screening – for women only
  • Staff Health Workshops/Seminars/screening – at your local government headquarters twice a year
  • Basic and Advanced Life Saving techniques training – with practical sessions (all trainees to be certified).
  • Data Management *Disease prevalence surveillance
  • Tele-Medicine services – set up in all primary healthcare centers in your local government area

Are you a Local Govt Chairman, Senator, State Govt?
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A familiar trend common with most developing nations of the world is the fact that a sizeable percentage of the most vulnerable population default to worship centres as their next of kin. Consequently, in a country like Nigeria churches are compelled to foot unexpected hospital bills very frequently. Sometimes these bills turn out to be quite telling on the finances especially small and medium scale churches.
PDI primary healthcare partnership with churches
As part of our vision to Reach, Rescue and help Fortify 10million of the most vulnerable population of Nigeria, PDI decided to role out a free primary healthcare screening programme specifically designed to help reduce healthcare burden on small and medium scale churches across the country.
Call us today to book your local church for a first time experience of the PDI local church medical outreach initiative

Our survey showed that as a religious centre, mosques serve a similar role of next of kin within the same vulnerable segment of the population. So we decided to role out the above same (church) primary healthcare initiative for mosques.
Please call us! We would like to partner with your local centre.