We take a totally different approach when it comes to matters related to your health as compared to what you currently get with existing healthcare culture here in our country. Currently, the culture says sit back, wait and fall sick then rush to the doctors for treatment. At PDI we say NO!
Here’s why we do it differently. At PDI, we don’t only treat your present health challenges. We believe it takes a number of years for the kidney failure, the stroke, the diabetes, the cancer, the hypertension, etc to strike. So we decided to specialize more on how to stop your potential diabetes, stroke, cancer, and kidney failure of tomorrow, today! Now you know why we are called PreDiagnosis.

  1.  First, we Nurse you to full health, then.
  2. We work hard to keep you locked in full health, for the rest of the year.

Prediagnosis Int’l stands out because of how it has harnessed modern technology to effectively distribute quality total healthcare to potential 10million vulnerable Nigerians, for free. At the centre of this is the ultra-modern technological platform known as the PDI TeleHealthConsult.
The PDI HealthCare Delivery Platform is structured as follow;

At the Core of this ground breaking modern HealthCare Programme is what is known as PDI TeleHealthConsult Hub.

PDI TeleHealthConsult Hub is one of the most technologically advanced  (state of the art) healthcare platforms in telehealth revolution today.  It has been designed to hold and manage the personal health of up to 10 million clients.

When you plug into PDI TeleHealthConsult, most key and sensitive areas of your personal health (from blood pressure, heart condition, diabetes, cancer risk, to arthritis), are quickly brought into highlight and kept under regular observation. This makes it possible to intervene early enough before the likes of stroke, diabetes, heart attack, kidney failure; cancer etc could have the chance to strike

The PDI TeleHealthConsult Hub is primarily designed to become your personal mobile doctor. That’s why we call it “HealthCare-on-the-Go”

TOur team found a way to compress PDI TeleHealthConsult into an App – PDI App, specially customized to sit in your smart mobile phone. That way, at the press of a button on your PDI App, you could obtain and store your latest blood pressure reading, heart health vitals, blood sugar information, as well as other vital statistics about what is going on with your health. And when your call our medical team, they can immediately state evaluation the state of your health on the basis of your current vital statistics. On the basis of their findings, the nurse could escalate your consultation to “wait and speak with the doctor; and if that doesn’t do it; please we would like to book you in for some lab test; etc. PDI is the Total HealthCare; 21st century HealthCare! Don’t live in yesterday. Call our team today!

By now I know you must have began to ask the question; what about those in the remote corners of Nigeria and even those who are not privileged to own good smart phones? To those people we say; no worries! We had you in mind. That’s why we went ahead and enlisted that local pharmacy near where you live as a PDI mini clinic. When a pharmacy enlists with us, it means that pharmacy is now more than a place you to get your medications. As a PDI pharmacy mini clinic, there will be a consultation flat screen technology unit behind the counter where you can gain access to our medical team via online video right away. You will receive all of the same full services those with smart mobile phone enjoy.

That’s not all. We are aware there are places in Nigeria so remote the nearest modestly equipped pharmacy is miles away. So we went further and decided to enlist your local community healthcare centre as a PDI TeleHealthConsult centre. Staff with a PDI Representative, there will be a consultation flat screen technology unit in a consultation room where you can gain access to our medical team via online video right away. Again you will be able to receive all of the same full services those with smart mobile phone enjoy.

Call us today to learn of how to subscribe to PDI TeleHealthConsult platform and gain access to top medical doctors, consultants, and other medical professionals, for FREE!