We provide a holistic solution to the identified gaps in our healthcare delivery systems, particularly the underserved areas with our innovative and revolutionary Community health hub, a solar-powered mobile clinic, that can be placed anywhere and manned by a specially trained staff. The hub is connected to our 24hour telehealth platform where doctors are available 24hours to micromanage these hubs.

The result is delivery of continuous medical services on the ground within a community (remotely) by our medical doctors through leveraging  technology, thereby maximizing the scarce human resource for health (HRH)

PDI Pharmacy Plus

Under our PDI Pharmacy Plus initiative,  we have rolled out a blueprint which enables PDI to partner with 20,000 pharmacy outlets and registered drug vendors throughout the length and breadth of the country, to deliver expert medical care. This was burned out of the fact that pharmacy outlets and registered drug vendors are the main access points for many health-care products and services as they are often consulted for advice and diagnosis, particularly by poor, rural and marginalized populace with limited access to formal health services.


  • Through our tele-consult, we can give a second opinion on diagnosis and early danger signs for appropriate referral.
  • We are also able to train these vendors and pharmacies on Point of Care diagnostic investigations, and prescriptions for basic medical conditions.
  • We will not only be strengthening the delivery of services at this level but also Promote rational use of drugs and thereby help Reduce the incidences of drug resistance.

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